Hi, everybody.

On the design/illustration front, I’m still working on a lot of great stuff, but it’s taking a bit longer than expected. Sometimes it’s tough to get bands (or multiple bands, or real estate agents, or magazine editors, etc.) to agree on stuff. But I still managed to post a few new things, including a cover for the upcoming issue of Razorcake. I had a heap of stuff to work on, and deadlines were looming, and then Todd Taylor (Razorcake publisher/editor) asked me to do both the new issue’s cover and an interview layout, and he needed it within a week or so. I did it and managed to stay on track with the other work as well. Not ENTIRELY happy with either one of them, but they’re passable. And we’re our own worst critic.

My job at the elementary school is great, and I’m considering the idea of trying to write out some of the curriculum I’ve made up over the years and see if any of it is actually feasibly marketable. An interesting idea, anyway. Meanwhile, I’m hanging out with some pretty awesome 4th and 5th graders.

The novel is nearing its 2nd edit and will probably clock in at around 90,000 words, though that’s still up in the air. I met with the historian, who was able to research, confirm, and greatly expand upon the material about 15th century France, executioners, and Joan of Arc. (It’s not a historical novel per se, but certain historical figures do play a pretty integral part in it, and the information unearthed was awesome, weird, and invaluable.) I’ll wrap up this edit, give it one more run-through and then send it out to a few readers/buddies to get feedback. Then at least another edit, and then it’ll maybe be time to consider sending it out to an agent.

Meanwhile, I’m idiotic enough to already miss Wisconsin winters (at least when the heating bill was paid by the landlord, that is) and enjoying watching fall wreak its havoc on Portland.

Good stuff recently:

The Witch Of Hebron by James Howard Kuntsler (novel)

Dog Soldiers by Robert Stone (novel)

Sawdust City by Arms Aloft (album, get it at


That’s it for now. Thanks for checking in, and as always, drop me a line if you have any questions.




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