AVOW Zine – The Best of Intentions: The Avow Anthology

This second, revised edition of The Best Of Intentions features selections from Avow fanzine #1 – 10, and the complete issues of #11 – 16. It features new cover art, a new introduction by the author and a scrapbook full of previously unreleased photos and illustrations. (And I finally figured out how to halftone!) 288 pages, full-color cover trade paperback.

“This book is fucking incredible. One of the best zines out there. Necessary in every way.”

Avow is what a personal zine is supposed to be. It’s no wonder (it’s) been running for so long, reading it is like maintaining a good friendship.”
-Lauren Denitzio, THE MEASURE (SA), WORRIERS

“Do yourself a favor and pick up this book.”

“A wide sampling of subjects — art, music, childhood, love, friendship — are filtered through Rosson’s thoughtful and self-deprecating sensibility and rendered in his precise, evocative prose.” -POWELL’S BOOKS

Avow #24
Contents include: anecdotes disguised as record reviews, comics, tons of art and illustrations. Stuff about death, cigarettes and cupcakes. Features a hilarious contribution from Dave Roche (ON SUBBING) and an interview with Joe Lachut (SEVEN INCHES TO FREEDOM FANZINE). Punk. 48 pages, color cover.

“Keith’s been at Avow for a long time and it shows. Keith’s a struggler, a seeker, a muller, a person who is always working towards the ideal person he knows he can be. What he isn’t is arrogant. Or cocky. Or exclusionary. In his late thirties, he uprooted from Portland, OR to Milwaukee, WI. He quit cigarettes cold turkey, wrote a eulogy for his biological father, started a surprisingly satisfying job in a warehouse for the blind and vision impaired, and wrote some “record reviews.” “Record reviews” is in quotes because they sorta are and they sorta aren’t. Through the relative comfort zone of music—a comfort zone that for the first time in Keith’s life wasn’t providing its comfort—Keith re-examines some of the most influential records in his life. What he unveils is profound. It’s a journey that includes bloodline (“When do we cease to be at the mercy of, or indentured to, our blood? Are we ever?”); the math that concludes at a sum of $30,000 worth of cigarette smoking; and “The boundaries of what can be considered “punk” is elastic and flexible” (his italics, my total agreement). All of this boiling down to the axiom “…given the choice between convenience and effort (at least when it comes to music) I’d rather put in the work that listening requires.” Mark that for zines, Keith. Fuck, mark that for how you’ve chosen to live.” –Todd Taylor, RAZORCAKE

AVOW #25
 The new issue! Titled “Remnants”, this issue Keith goes back and gathers many of his old appearances in other zines – some of them out of print, with many of the pieces never being officially released. Comics, selected columns from his stints with Heartattack and Give Me Back, even a ghost story!

Digest sized (8.5″ x 5.5″).
40 pages.

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