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Well, I need moolah for various projects, and you need design/illustrations done for YOUR projects, so here we are! Design/illustration rates are discounted for all of September, and I'll throw in one of the designs in the AVAILABLE DESIGNS folder totally free. I'll customize that thing with your logo, change colors, whatever. It's a 2 for 1 sale, pretty much. Please share if you know someone who might be interested! Thanks, everyone. Y'all rule. Here's the link to the available (free) designs. Meanwhile, Advance Reader Copies for my next novel, Smoke City, will be heading out into the world...




I used to look at older punks and scoff at their seeming inability to embrace the present. All these folks who couldn’t seem to make it past the first 2 Bad Brains records or would go absolutely apeshit for Social Distortion (who arguably haven’t had much to do with punk rock for decades at this point) but had hardly a nodding acquaintance with anything released within the past five years. I’m certainly not that bad, but I’ve definitely been going through a period of listening to the moldy-oldies. The funny thing for me is that I cut my teeth on punk in a decade that had some pretty...

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