Hey, everyone-

The search for an agent continues. The interesting thing I’ve come to realize regarding agents is the whole “If we don’t care for it, we just won’t respond” angle. This is a new thing for me. The last time I was submitting material to agents (back when the majority of them still preferred snail mail queries) this was pretty unheard of. If you included a SASE, you would eventually get a response, even if it was a terse one-line mass rejection printed on a piece of scratch paper. I can imagine that with the inclusion of email submissions and queries these days, it most likely quadruples the amount of traffic agents are getting from young writers. So on one hand, it totally makes sense. That is a lot of material to sift through. On the other hand, there’s something a little heartbreaking about the whole affair now – not only do you need to wait indefinitely for a response these days, but you may be waiting forever. If some agents aren’t interested in your query or sample chapters, they just won’t respond. It’s an interesting development within this particular angle of the publishing industry.

In other news, my short story “Homesteaders” is available for reading at Title Goes Here. And another short story, “High Tide”, has been accepted by Northwind, and should be published in their Summer 2012 issue. Very excited about that, looks to be an awesome quarterly.

That’s it. If you need to get in touch, feel free to drop me a line.

Hang in,


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