Hey, everyone-

Thanks for stopping in. Feel free to stroll around, stretch a bit. Keep your shoes on, though.

So after a few requests from agents for R & Rs (revisions and resubmissions) of the manuscript and, more importantly, some similar notes from disparate parties regarding some of the novel’s weaknesses, I’ve got back to the drawing board. Revisions and edits of the manuscript. It was a daunting process but I’m right in the middle of it and having a good time. And the book is much, much stronger for it.

Beyond that, some other things in the works: a very detailed illustration for the upcoming press/promo materials for the Human Rights Film Festival in Zagreb, Croatia. I’ve also wrapped up the LP illustration for some buddies’ band which will remain secret until next week sometime – it’s a contest, and if my submission wins, I get a luau in my honor. Here’s hoping.

I’ll also be leading a zine workshop via the fine folks at CHAP (Children’s Healing Art Project.)

Avow #26 is slowly being penned out. Emphasis on slowly, though. But, man, is it gonna be awesome. A lot of surprises this time around.

Lastly, Tiger Force Ultra, the label and distro I have a hand in running, will be the distributor for North By Northwest Records. We’ll be adding all of their titles to our catalog here shortly and handling all of the label’s mailorder. Keep your eyes peeled here.

As they say, things are afoot. If you have any questions about all of this, or want to get in touch regarding a project, please drop me a line.



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