Hey everyone-

Here’s a link to the cover reveal for my upcoming novel, The Mercy of the Tide: (Though if you lurk around here, I bet you can find it too!) The novel is due out via Meerkat Press in Feb. 2017, and in the interim, we’ve got a ton of fun stuff planned. Readings, promo stuff, giveaways, etc. It’s gonna be great. In the meantime, be sure and drop by Meerkat Press to keep up-to-date on the book. Sign up for their newsletter! Rejoice! And if you can review the book, please get in touch with the great folks at Meerkat to get ahold of an Advance Reader Copy here.


Meanwhile, there’s some other fun stuff posted, as well as a few new available designs (oddly enough in the AVAILABLE DESIGNS section) and some posters, beer labels, etc. As always, hit me up if you have any design or illustration projects you’d like me to tackle! Also, please follow me on Twitter, which is the best way to keep current on various happenings.


Thanks much, hope everyone’s doing great. Talk to thee later and such!

I’ll close out with link to a cool audio/print excerpt of the book.


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