Hey everyone!

Massive new update here – mostly with a bevy of new shirt designs and some show posters. Also updated the AVILABLE DESIGNS section with a bunch of new stuff, so if you’re just browsing and see a design in that section that you’d like to purchase, shoot me a message and we can work it out! Really enjoying adding to that section – especially since I’m finding there are new avenues of illustrative idiocy that I’ve hardly even tapped yet.

The big news here – and I am very excited to announce this – is that I’ve landed a publisher for what will be my debut novel. (And it wasn’t even for Smoke City – the novel that I initially landed my literary agent with. Nope, the book that got grabbed up is actually the one I wrote after that one. Pretty rad, hey?)

So without further ado, I’m super thrilled to announce that Meerkat Press will be publishing my novel The Mercy of the Tide. We’re looking at a February 2017 release date, and in the meanwhile I’m beginning to tackle all of the cool shit that goes along with being a first time novelist – getting press releases together, working with an editor to come up with a marketing/release timeline, assembling a bio, etc. I’ll keep you posted as events transpire – I like the idea of turning this into a kind of up-to-date blog regarding what hurdles and joys first time novelists experience – and if you’ve got any questions, please feel free to hit me up. Meerkat is a newer publisher, and thusly are a bit more nimble with release times (not to mention taking a chance on a potentially weird-ass genre-bender like Mercy.) Check them out HERE.

Meanwhile, I’m profoundly grateful to Tricia Reeks of Meerkat, and my agent, Christopher Schelling of Selectric Artists. Exciting times ahead, thanks for trudging this odd road with me.

See ya around,


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